Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Good news

I've had flu for a couple of days now, about a week. It amazes me how much easier it is to cope with illness, or any stress for that matter, when you have someone looking after you. Most people have a spouse to care for them when they are in need, someone to bounce things off, I also have someone to bounce things off, God himself. Today I'm feeling a lot better than expected, I slept right through the night for a change. Anyway, I'm getting better. Good news indeed. More good news, Tracy has been found to have no evidence of disease. She's been dealing with Lymph cancer for a couple of years now and yesterday test results came back NED, no evidence of disease. That is really great news. The poor girl has been terrified of dying and not seeing her four year old daughter growing up. I can identify with that, except of course I believe in and trust God. I think she's trying to believe but hasn't quite gotten there yet, I know what that's like.
Myles my brother and husband to Tracy turned to me the other day and said, "Now I know how Mom felt." My mom dealt with my father's cancer for more than three years, that was in the mid seventies. Things in those days were different from today, cancer was a sure fire killer and coping with it meant radiation treatment, loss of hair and continual sickness, things have changed for the better. Well I hope so.
So say a thank you to the Lord for Tracy's improvement and a prayer for her continued improvement, do this for me.
I've got to get back to work now. Stay well and remember that God, the creator of the whole universe has a place for you in His amazingly forgiving and loving heart. Blessings from Geoff.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Nepal earthquake, my wishes.

With the tragedy that has befallen Nepal and the reaction internationally I'm inclined to wonder when this poor world of ours is going to shake us off again, like a dog shaking after a dust bath. There do seem to be an inordinate number of earthquakes around the Pacific rim lately. I'm not sure how many occur on a daily basis but 50 seems quite excessive to me.earthquake map Africa doesn't appear to be affected by quakes often, South Africa only experiencing 4 in the last year greater than magnitude 1.5. For me personally, I've only felt one tremor about 30 odd years ago in Johannesburg. Gave me quite a fright, the house was rocking all over the place, lamps swaying and cupboard doors rattling. I grabbed the children and rushed outside just in case. The whole thing lasted about two minutes and then calm returned. The effects this little tremor had on me have lasted for many years, I'll never forget just how afraid I was at that precise moment.
Plascon window display, picture by Geoff.

Why am I writing about this? Well I think the people of Nepal are going to need some very long lasting help and understanding from the rest of our world population. I remember how long it took before I was ready to take my chances and go back into the house, and there was no damage. Can you imagine just how afraid the people affected by the Nepal quake must be to go back to their homes.
As far as the Government of Nepal goes, well I've heard of import restrictions and distribution hold ups because of red tape at the arrival points. This is possibly because of the sheer unexpectedness of the international concern for the people of Nepal and the huge influx of aid. I know I would be a bit overwhelmed under the circumstances.
A message for the people of Nepal, "You are very loved and cared about by people from all over the world and it shows at this time."
I'm just one in millions who have pledged my donations to your future, may it be of value to you. Know this; Through great tribulations such as this, Nepal will regrow in a better condition than she was before the disaster. The sadness from losing all those lives and your beautiful buildings will convince you to apply better standards to building projects from now on. And know too, "This too shall pass." Things will return to normal one day and your children who have been affected by this calamity will come out on top, this is a fact.
May my God bless the people of Nepal, may He bring comfort to all who grieve and may He uphold the children who have lost their families in this time of turmoil. And Blessings from Geoff, someone who could only dream of visiting your beautiful God given land.

Monday, April 27, 2015

What will we do?

Have you ever felt, while reading the news or listening to the radio, like your heart was going to break?  Utoya island slaying in Norway of more than 90 children in 2011, the 911 event that happened in America and now the earthquake in Nepal. There are other occasions when I've felt this way but today I'll concentrate on Nepal.
image source
I only found out about what had happened on Sunday morning via a radio news broadcast. At that time the death toll was only 1800, it's now 3500 and still rising. Climbers on Mount Everest were killed and hundreds are still stranded on the mountain. Small villages near the epicenter of the quake have still not all been contacted mostly because there is no way to get to them. In Kathmandu many are still buried under tons of rubble and to top it all off, the hospitals are completely overwhelmed.

 The international response to the disaster has been quite extensive but at this time, 8 am GMT, there have, as of yet, not been any arrivals from the rest of the world. They are expected within the next few hours. Looking through the images on the net, being a photographer this is the first place I went to, I'm horrified by the degree of devastation. It's going to take a very long time for this country to get back to where it was before.
Suresh Parihar takes his daughter in his arms after she was found in their caved in house.
Can you imagine the joy in this father's heart, not everyone was that lucky. 
What I'm going to do today is take a thousand Rand from my account and donate it to Unicef. Okay, that didn't work, Shelley tried to put it through by her credit card, not working, I tried to put it through by paypal, not working and today is a public, banks closed, so I'll have to do it tomorrow.
Here's a link to Unicef's donation page for those who really do care about their fellow inhabitants of our wonderful God given Earth. http://www.supportunicef.org/site/c.dvKUI9OWInJ6H/b.7549291/k.BDF0/Home.htm

I'm going to have to leave this post now. Every time I go back to images of the quake there are more pictures, horrifying

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Honey,Miracles and God's word.

This is why I'm not signed up for the challenge this year, no time. When you become really busy during the day and get home to blackouts at night what can you do? Shh, I'm stealing company time right now to write this, don't say anything.
I have been thinking about what story I could write about that would be of interest to you, my readers. I can write about the exceptional violence in South Africa, which isn't news really, it's been like this for a very long time. Or I could write about the corruption that has become so prevalent in a so called "Free South Africa." Or I could write about the power utility Eskom failing to meet its obligations. Or I could write about a miracle that happened to me a few years ago. I think I'll go with that.
Proverbs 24 verse 13.
I'll have to come back to this later in the day, busy now.
Okay I'm back, had to rush out to collect some LED lights for a couple of units going out today.
As I was saying, Proverbs 24 verse 13 says,
"Eat honey my son for it is good for you and the comb is sweet." I thought I had written about this in  a previous post but when I tried to search for honey it came up with completely different posts. Oh well I've got something interesting to write about. 
One day, oh probably about five years ago, I was sitting at home on the farm reading my Bible when this scripture came up. I read it and thought to myself, "Wow, I haven't had honey in years." I couldn't afford it anyway so not really surprising. Then I sat back in the chair and asked the Lord, "What are you giving me this for?" You see I believe that when you are reading your Bible God is talking to you, this is something to take seriously and He's giving you insights into what is going on around you, even if you don't understand what it is He's trying to say to you. Well I found out very quickly why I had been given that particular scripture. 
The window on the left of the bush is my kitchen window.
KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK on the window, who on earth would be knocking on my kitchen window? It's quite high from the ground and there is a lot of mud and gunk on that side of the cottage. This all happened while I was asking the Lord why? 
I got up and went to the window to see who was there and lo and behold, there was a guy outside with a two liter plastic container in his hand. He looked up at me and said, "I've got some honey on the comb for you, I've just taken it out of a wild hive and thought you may want some. YES please. 
There are also a whole lot of other things I can tell you about honey and bees that are very interesting. Did you know that a worker bee can only fly for six kilometers without a top up of honey. If it flies further than three kilometers from the hive it won't be able to get back, death on the range. One morning I was in the bathroom at home when I noticed a bee struggling on the tiled floor. It's legs were weakly twitching while it lay upside down. I knew about the flight limits and so picked it up very gently and took it to the kitchen. Inside my cupboard was the honey I was given earlier, I dipped my finger into the tub and offered it to the bee. Immediately the little creature stuck it's proboscis into the honey and started feeding. It was very weak when it started on the honey but ten minutes later it flew away back to the hive. So next time you see a bee dying on the window sill, give it a little honey and save it's life, it's very easy.
Honey, the only foodstuff known to man that does not spoil. Archaeologists have taken jars of honey from Egyptian tombs that is thousands of years old, still edible. There are certain "scientific" reasons for this. Honey contains minute quantities of Hydrogen Peroxide, very good for killing bacteria. There is of course the fact that honey has very little water in it and that it is very acidic. That's enough about honey and bees for now.
Why did the Lord give me honey? Well He told me He would give me a land flowing with milk and honey. Milk begins to spoil immediately, honey is eternal.  
There are many woes in this land about which I could write if I so pleased, or I can write about God's amazing provision and how His word connects us to it.
Big blessings from Geoff in South Africa.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back to being a dedicated Blogger, because I love it.

photo opportunities everywhere

Hello everybody, welcome to my Blog.
I've just gotten back from a rather busy but pleasant day at the workshop. (Setbuild) There are quite a few things going on in this country at the moment, rioting, monument defacing s, looting and pillaging, (called xenophobia here) and generally lots of accusations of racialism and colonialism. Most of these things don't affect Geoff too much in Johannesburg but some of them do, one in particular, load shedding. I don't know if you ever keep up with the news, I do. Well in this country we have a power supply utility run by the A N C, that's the African National Congress, the ruling party. This power utility, Eskom, cannot keep up with the increased demand for electricity, that's what happens when you make promises you can't keep. A quick note to those running for congress or parliament right now, watch your mouth. If you win you will be held accountable for those un-kept promises. Anyway, back to South Africa, the power stations are out dated and new ones are being built but they are beset with strikes and so on. What this means is LOAD SHEDDING. They choose certain areas in the country to suspend supply so they can cope with other areas demand, it's difficult to explain.
Well how this affects me is; yesterday and today power was switched off in Midrand, where I live, from 2 PM until after 6 PM. Now that doesn't only affect homes but businesses, and of course traffic lights. You have no idea.Yesterday it took me more than two hours to travel 27 kilometers, just under seventeen miles.
Poor Archibald and Minnie, they become so restless and just want to get out of the car. Another thing that gets affected in my home is my fish tank. The water temperature isn't too affected, they are after all African Cichlids, but the filtration system runs dry. What this means is that when the electricity comes back on and I'm not around, the system will burn out due to overheating. Very distressing. But, because God looks after me and my home, it hasn't burned out yet. Thank you lord.
Living in Johannesburg has changed the way I look at life to a degree, but I'm still Geoff from the farm with my dogs and cats and fish. I still talk about God and Jesus. And to top it all, I'm still a writer and photographer.
Do yourself a favor, thank the Lord for your consistent power supply and be grateful that your country isn't going through major changes right now. I'm South African through and through and love this amazing place with it's incredible scenery and people. I have no desire to live anywhere else but that could change, I am after all a wanderer by nature and I love it.
Many blessings from Geoff in South Africa.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Work, work, work, and thanks.

Jet stores press release

Hello everyone.
In my previous post I wrote about not joining the a-z challenge because I've been very busy, this is true. I've had a few days off to recuperate but it all starts again tomorrow morning. I went round to the workshop this morning and was immediately sent of to a client in Mid Rand to get measurements and things to finish off the snag list. I will be getting into Microsoft units in the morning.
Most of the work I do has to do with the visual arts, you know, advertising, shop fitting, film sets, and sometimes press releases. I meet a whole lot of very creative people and in the course of the week bring into being what they have imagined.
Victron show stand in the making
Having moved to Johannesburg has, in it's own way, changed my ability to spend time taking awesome photographs. I do have more disposable income and Myles is able to spend more time with Tracey, I suppose that is justification enough. What was happening before was that I could take a couple of weeks off to go home before having to come back to help out. Oh how I miss Cape Town, all my friends are there. Oh well, what can I say?
the only kind of friends I make in Johannesburg

I'm going to admit that the a-z challenge this year has really motivated me to start writing again. For the longest time I've felt like I was worthless when it came to writing. I don't know why but it has stunted my abilities. Reading other people's posts has seemed to enthused me again, this is good.
What I've decided to do is read other blog posts that come up in my reading list, people I've already subscribed to and comment there. Anything I read on any blog site I haven't subscribed to I'll not post comments until after the end of the a-z challenge. They have enough other people to visit and comments to acknowledge already. I'll not impose on their time any more.
Busy, busy, busy.
Thanks for putting up with this strange post, It's not what I wanted to say. What I wanted to convey through this post was that I'm grateful to the challengers for inspiring and enthusing me again, you have no idea how much I appreciate it, Geoff.